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What we do

Our Services

  • Traditional Quantity surveying – Measurement and preparing BOQ
  • Proactive Cost Management
  • Contract administration
  • Contract management
  • Procurement
  • Cost planning and Value engineering.

Traditional Quantity Surveying

Traditional Quantity Surveying

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Proactive Cost Management

Proactive Cost Management

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Contract Administration

Contract Administration

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Contract Management

Contract Management

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Cost Planning and Value Engineering

Cost Planning and Value Engineering

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These services are delivered in three broad packages:

1.0    Pre-Project and Inception

2.0    During the construction phase – Project Monitoring &

3.0.   At completion of the project

1.0    Pre-Project and Inception

We undertake measurement and prepare cost plans for concept design, design development at inception/pre-contract stage in addition to offering condition surveys, to identify and mitigate commercial risk. We also compile the construction tender documentation (Bills of Quantities, or schedules of rates) and help evaluate and select suitable contractors.

Measurement and billing

We tailor our measurement services to suit client individual needs from production of high level builder’s quantities and activity schedules, to full BQs; under a Standard method of measurement. We mix traditional measurement skills with the latest software to enable us to provide an efficient measurement service.

Contract preparation and review

We understand that correct drafting of a contract is vital for the popper allocation of risks and obligations. We undertake a thorough review of contract, and provide clarity on potentially onerous and high risk obligations that could adversely affect payment, and the delivery of the project prior to signing. Our pre-contract review will provide an overview of the key obligations, risks and time-sensitive matters in addition to affording the opportunity to have clauses either added, removed or de-risked.

We advise on the right choice of contract and the selection, and appointment of contractor suitable to deliver the contract in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

2.0    During the construction phase – Project Monitoring

We would initially provide our client with a detailed report of the project and contract arrangements followed by periodic valuations of activities completed to date to facilitate the drawdown of funds as required. We know that the key driver to this service being successful is based on a clear communication, unbiased, and transparent assessments to ensure compliance and performance at every stage of the project. Our team are adequately trained and experienced in the administration of contracts, procurement, contractors, and supply chain management.

Mid-Contract Review, and Health Check

Compare to the prevailing practice in Nigeria, one other unique practice that we are introducing through our firm in Nigeria as part of international best practice in the practice of quantity surveying is the “Mid-contract review and health check”. Our team will interrogate and provide a fixed-fee mid-contract review and health check to review and report on the existing contractual arrangements, current position, commercial risks and opportunities of the project. This practice is aim at avoiding problems becoming formal disputes. We provide advice on contract administration and identify areas of potential dispute. The process involves a professional review and report on the existing contractual arrangements and position detailing the following:

  • Key obligations and conditions precedent mile-stone
  • Time related clauses mile-stone
  • Key risks and Onerous clauses
  • Provision of forms to correctly administer the contract
  • Review of current position and strategy to improve
  • Overview and advice on existing and unidentified items of change

3.0.   At completion of the project,

Our trained and experienced staff will produce tax depreciation schedules and replacement cost estimations for insurance purposes if needed. If necessary, we may also support mediation and arbitration processes at completion.


Facilities management is a profession that encompasses multi-disciplinary activities within the built environment and the management of their impact upon people and the building. It is the administration of a business with regards to managing space, people, infrastructure, buildings and business processes.

Facilities management is especially useful when it comes to the day-to-day running of a busy organisation, a demanding building, site, or a business spanning several locations.

Compare facilities management practice in Europe and other developed countries, facilities management practice in Nigeria is still largely untapped. Though it is acknowledged that the industry in Nigeria contribute a circa of $26 Billion United state Dollars (that is a potential of about 2.5%) to the nation GDP.


Compare to the embryonic practice of the profession by prevailing facilities management companies in Nigeria, at Crysmat we understand that “Facilities Management (FM) is the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which supports and improves the effectiveness of the organisation core activities”.

Crysmat understand that as every customer is different, so also are the requirements for their buildings and ground. We work as part of our respective client team to challenge, and then develop a tailored facilities management services that focusses on the areas where they need support

Working with our European partners, we deliver our services to the best international practice standard knowing that at a corporate level, FM contributes to the delivery of both strategic and operational objectives. Our client gets the benefits of pan-European scale, plus the local experience and personal attention of our partners to spur innovations in the delivery of our FM services.  Our services also go much further, we offer strategic insights and advice about what changes can be made to improve building performance.

Our FM Strategy

Virtually all projects are subject to financial constraints. Compare to other facilities management practicing company in Nigeria, our typical start point is working with our clients by taking the key outputs from their business plan and assessing the potential impact on the property and our and FM service delivery plan. Typically, this process would be as follows:

  • Establishing the baseline requirements for the organisation, current service delivery, supply chain and costs
  • Research and compare against industry peers and best practice, utilisation our extensive market knowledge and expertise from within, and our partnered companies in Europe
  • Undertake an options appraisal to develop appropriate models which maximises service quality, value and ensure compliance in harmony with the strategic business plan. This includes a critical review of In-house versus Outsourced service management and service delivery options.
  • Preparation of business cases to support the implementation of the solution, our consultants do not develop theoretical models they deliver operationally sound and sustainable solutions.

Our Soft FM services

We understand how important clean premises are to companies today. It provides all employees with a clean and safe environment to work in, but also promotes the right message to other stakeholders and visitors to the workplace. Our team will conduct a full site survey, and in detailed consultation with the Client discuss every detail of the cleaning requirements and suggest the best options to suit the business and premises. This is to ensure that the most suitable cleaning service solution is put in place. Crysmat have the flexibility to meet any specification for any interior finish and recommend working hours that suit our client business. Our soft FM services include:

  • Regular Building Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Open Space & Estates
  • Window Cleaning
  • Washroom/Feminine Hygiene
  • Pest Control
  • Grounds Maintenance

Our Hard FM services

Prevention is our approach to maintenance. It’s about avoiding breakdowns through efficient management. Through planned preventative maintenance, we know when maintenance is needed to keep the property at optimum performance levels. Our smart scheduling ensures we have the correct people, with the appropriate expertise and equipment, in the right place at the right time. Our Hard FM services include:

  • Property Maintenance – Planned and reactive maintenance
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Mechanical & Electrical maintenance

Our Washroom/feminine hygiene services

Crysmat Nigeria hold the sole distributorship/franchise of Personnel Hygiene Service (PHS) UK Limited products in Nigeria. Please see section 4 below.

Our Property Investment Services

As a company that specialises in real property management and investment, we understand how making that first purchase can be very daunting; which is why we aim to give our client a wide range of choice and show you how to plan for their own personal portfolio requirement whether large or small. We understand which property holds the most potential for capital gain and rental incomes within and outside Nigeria.

Not only do we deal in real property investment, but we also go the extra miles to ensure that you get the best out of your available resources. What could be easier than starting your portfolio of lucrative properties with CRYSMAT LTD!

An overview of the buildings projects

  1. The National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS) Abuja,

The National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS) is an organ of the National Assembly established by an Act of Parliament to provide quality academic and professional research, policy analysis, training, documentation and advocacy on democratic governance and legislative practice in Nigeria.